Cryotherapy – Cryopen

Cryotherapy is the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue by the precise application of extreme cold. It can be used to remove *Warts *Verrucae *Skin tags *Milia *Cherry Angioma *Sun damage/Age spots/pigmentation.

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Cryopen Cryotherapy Treatment

Cryo10 is an innovation in Cryotherapy. Skin Tags, Milia, Cherry Angiomas, Age Spots, Warts and Verruca’s – all treated quickly and painlessly.

Not to be confused with traditional cryotherapy, it eliminates the use of liquid nitrogen making treatment virtually painless, quick &, effective. It is an ideal solution for removal of skin lesions and imperfections. Procedures usually take just 5 to 25 seconds, so you can be in and out of the salon quickly.

The Cryo10 pen emits a pressurised, super fine jet of nitrous oxide from its tip, which allows us to work with precision that is millimetre perfect. The tissue is destroyed by freezing the inter-cellular fluid; this forms ice crystals which break the cell membrane, thereby destroying the tissue we are wanting to remove. That means that healthy tissue remains untouched. It’s so incredibly accurate and practical. 

£50 (for 5 lesions)


Milia can be treated fairly quickly and only take 2.5-5 seconds depending on where they are.  Up to 5 lesions can be treated at any one time but more than this is not recommended.


£10 per milia

Cherry Angioma

£20 per lesion